If you deserve someone treats you like you matter, like your art matter, the best way is to love yourself like ‘you matter’ every moment, then it will extend to your art. Self-love means you understand and respect your own body, brain, and soul needs. You care for your own mental, emotional and physical health. It isn’t selfishness and narcissism.

You matter, your art matter, SELF-LOVE is the key!❤️


1. Having a high regard for your own needs and value. We’re all souls that have a human experience. Following your soul calling and honoring who you are. Take action in the direction your spirit guide, have the courage to allow yourself to be your most fullest

2. Be compassionate to yourself. Especially when you feel fear, stress and struggle, you need self-love most, face these negative emotions and invite love to flow through you. Try to let it go, relax and be playful, the smile will appear on your face and you deserve happiness.

3. Self-love needs self-care. Physical activity influences our physical and mental health as you know. Even as simple as taking a walk in nature everyday will help. Make a healthy exercise routine and have a healthy daily menu in your life. You will look lighter and happier.

4. Further you are on your self-love journey, more your life is changing as your vibration is lifting. You may feel disconnected with the people who surround you. Your circle is changing to attract people who are kind, understanding, respectful and happy in your life. As now you found the inside power and light, made aware of the truth, unfolding the shifting to spend time with the people you want to be with. Say no to the things you don’t want to do.

When you treat yourself with love, care, and respect, you will extend the same value to your art, others, and the world. We all find it might be easier to say than to do, but in today’s dynamic global environment, it is a necessity to start your self-love journey right now rather than later.

You matter, your art matter, SELF-LOVE is the key!


With much gratitude and love Yue ❤️xx 

P.S. In the photo below I was exploring in natural.

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