Hello, my dear friend! How has your summer been going? Did you create some artworks that you are happy with? Have you received enough appreciation from your audience?

‘You may feel alone, but you are NOT ALONE,’ only BELIEVE! ❤


For me, October always feels like a month of looking back and looking forward. The petals are fluttering in the wind and the leaves are slowly changing into their autumn trappings… I am so attached to the warmth of summer. At this time of year, I always close my eyes and raise my face to feel the warm caress of the summer sun as much as possible.

I hope this warm can keep my heart burning in the cold winter, in my studio. Art life is not easy, you may feel alone sometimes, but you are not, believe me. That was about a year ago, I come far away to meet a friend. But many unexpected things happened on my trip. I missed the bus, then missed the subway stop, later even get on the wrong subway line…I know I am terrible at directions. I felt a bit helpless, but when I lift up my head, this slogan was just in front of me,’ You may feel alone, but you are not alone’, which like a warm hand hold me back to the cheerful moment again…finally, I got there, and it was a lovely meeting and everything happened seemed worthy of it. If on a small trip so much trouble can happen, so do not be surprised by anything that happened on your art life journey.

You may are struggling with your life and your art right now, but don’t be afraid, only believe. You have the strength to release your fears, overcome the difficulties. You may think you get the wrong way, but calm down, keep going, no way is wrong and no time is wasted and they just lead you to your true path. The miracle happens every day in your life, only trust, you will receive it. You deserve the life you are seeking. You will get there soon.

‘You may feel alone, but you are NOT ALONE,’ only BELIEVE!


With much gratitude and love Yue ❤️xx

P.S. Photo1 In front of my studio last summer. Photo2 The slogan was in front of me at the right moment.

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