I created this work on the site, Beijing Yuanming Yuan Park. It was a very hot day in July. Beautiful black swans, pure lotus… Rendered a loving atmosphere for my work.

 Be patient, don’t give up on love! Your love is on its way! ❤️

At the moment, I am standing by the lake, different time, different space, but my heart still melting with the love of nature just like years ago. A pair of white swans gracefully are dancing on the lake, a pair of wild ducks paddle around them, magpies in the trees are flying in pairs too, and daffodils under the trees are smiling at each other. This message of spring touches a nerve of love in all living things, including me. And what is love? Though love is everything, even the most beautiful words cannot describe it. Love is certainly not a contract, love is not a relationship, love is not an obligation, love is not a habit, love is not a routine, love is not controlling, love is not dependent…

Is the pure stream that softly running between my fingers,
Is the spring breeze that gently passing through my hair,
Is the snowflakes that kissing my cheeks and melt into teardrops.

No direction,
No condition,
No stagnation.

Just waiting for the moment,
Crossing from all the spaces down.
Just following the faith,
Waking in thousands of years dreams up.

To tell me the truth,
To touch my heart,
To meet our soul.

Many people may don’t believe in love anymore after a long time of searching and waiting, even now when the love knocks on their doors, they are afraid to open, then love will pass away. So be patient, don’t give up on love, as love is all you need. Life is beautiful, and art is heartfelt when love is filled in.

Now in the natural, I am sending you lots of love and blessings. Your love is on its way!

With much gratitude and love Yue ❤️xx

P.S. The work I created and two photos were taken by me by the lake are below. Chinese ink brush painting. Title: Wings. Size: 50cm x 100cm. Chinese ink. Chinese natural pigments. Handmade paper.

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