Today, I opened the door of my studio and it was like seeing an old friend after a long absence. The familiar smell of paint immediately made me feel joyful. The last two months I will never forget in my life, with many, many challenges…I can’t help but feel proud of myself for picking up a paintbrush again so soon, and have to be grateful that I am blessed.

Please give yourself a little bit of time, a little bit of space, a little bit of silence… Everything is about to go with the wind! -QinYue❤


I have a feeling of rebirth and I can already smell change in the air coming to me. I know that those challenges are precious gifts of my life, just they come so suddenly and so heavily that I need time to open them slowly, little by little, one by one…I will truly share these gifts with you through my art soon in the new year 2022. At this moment, I can only tell you that it is a blessing to hear the birds singing happily at dawn, to be able to breathe freely in nature, to be able to do what I love every day, and I am happy beyond measure!

Today, I hurry here to greet you, my dear friend, and tell you that from the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful to have met you and to thank you for your love and support all along. Dear friend, if you are also experiencing the challenges of life, please give yourself a little bit time, a little bit space, a little bit silence… Everything is about to go with the wind, please be full of courage to accept the change and follow your dreams, you will be proud of your strength after all.

I also want to thank @haevnmusic and @birdyinstagram, two of my favorite singers, for your new song ‘Open Hearts’, which is like a special Christmas gift for me, beautiful and touching. ‘You only feel it, when you share it with someone’…Finally I found some words in my silence, and sharing with you…


With much gratitude and love Yue ❤ xx

P.S. The photo below was taken in my studio.

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