The long-lost sunlight, the frequent glowing lake, the excited birdsong…The light and shadows are dancing on my skin, the cheerful green leaves are tugging at my heartstrings… This is the smell of summer today, the warm, peaceful, true smell of love, the smell that will soon become a memory.

The colours of the world, not what the naked eyes see. The completeness and absence, only a game of the mind… -Qin Yue❤


I remember the same smell, a summer day, but drizzly, by the lake, under an umbrella, a mother and her daughter quietly watching the lake, the raindrops, the lotus leaves, the mist…It was the loving memory of my mum and me, and they are all in this painting.

It reminds me of what Mac Chagall wrote in his poetic autobiography ‘My life’, ‘In our life, there is a single colour, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the colour of love.’ The following is an excerpt from my Chinese poem which wrote during lockdown time. This poem also carries a bit that day’s memory.


Blue frogs,
Green tadpoles,
Black dragonflies,
The colours of the world,
Not what the naked eyes see.
The completeness and absence,
Only a game of the mind.

The lake does not lie,
The complete you,
On her chest.
Meeting with the moonlight,
Embracing with the sunlight,
You see the reality.

Separated twins,
Perfection has been found.
harmony union,
The truth has been shown.


Is there a certain smell that can take you back to the memories of yesterday? Maybe there is nostalgia, homesickness, or maybe there are some typical music notes that pulse through the images of the memory? Did you started to play new music today, your own music? So that tomorrow’s memories are haunted by the melody of love, which will be presented in your artwork.


With much gratitude and love Yue ❤️xx

P.S. The work I created is below. Chinese ink brush painting. Title: Memory. Size: 97cm x 90cm. Chinese ink. Chinese pigments. Handmade paper.

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