When I was very young, I was told that printing was one of the four great inventions of ancient China.

There is an old Chinese saying, ‘When three people walk together, there must be a teacher for me.’ Thanks to all my teachers! ❤

I don’t know if these ancient marks really are flowing in my body, but when I was little I loved to print, I enjoyed collecting all kinds of coins and stones, arranging them into different compositions, and using pencils and coloured pens to print their patterns… My real professional study of printmaking started many years ago in London. Here I must mention and thank my first teacher Katherine Jones. I was really lucky to listen to her teaching face to face, practising printmaking skills by her guidance. She always answered my questions patiently. She is a fantastic printmaker and recently appeared in the V&A Museum‘s series ‘How Was It Made‘, a short film of her giving an overview of the etching process. It’s well worth watching.

I don’t know if you feel the same way as I do? It is truly a blessing to meet good teachers in our life and our artistic journey. I’m here to faithfully thank all my teachers, the ones who taught me their expertise, the ones who enlightened my soul!… There is an old Chinese saying, ‘When three people walk together, there must be a teacher for me.’ So, you, my friend, you’re my teacher, too! I feel grateful to meet you! Thank you for sharing your life and art with me!

I browsed through my old photos from when I was learning to printmake and couldn’t find a single one of myself, but I was lucky enough to dig out some, so I am sharing these with you today!

If this reminds you of your teachers, want to appreciate? Or want to share? It would be lovely to read about them in the comments.

With much gratitude and love Yue ❤ xx 


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