This Chinese calligraphy I wrote down in June 2012 by using Chinese a tiny brush and traditional ink on handmade rice paper. It is called Heart Sutra which is the most widely known shortest sutra of Buddhism. It is the heart of the perfection of wisdom. “Form is empty, emptiness is form…”

New Chapters, New Beginnings, New Directions have the power to release the past, to put them behind you firmly, to become who you are really. ❤

My very first post was about a Chinese calligraphy Heart Sutra in gold ink, which started the first step of my journey here. I wish you could have felt how grateful I am to have gained so many kind comments, likes, followers, and friends. I am sure I’ve been blessing. Although I still have a lot of Chinese paintings that I would like to show you, I feel it is time to share the next chapter of my works with you.

Just as before I could have chosen to continue with my Chinese painting style, which was easier and more relaxed, but I listened to my heart that wanted to explore a freer brush and ink to express my emotions and thoughts, and the achieved realistic matter subjects seemed to have its limitations, so I encouraged myself to leave the comfy zone to go where my heart guided me to go. But the brushwork and spirit of Chinese painting and calligraphy are a solid foundation for me to explore a new style. Today’s post is also Chinese calligraphy Heart Sutra, but written in Chinese black ink and I thought it would be a good way to start my new chapter. I hope you continue to enjoy and support the next chapter of my artworks.

New chapters, new beginnings, new directions have the power to release the past, to put them behind you firmly, to become who you are really. I know it takes courage to be yourself in this world, but, again, this is your life, only once…Are you ready for your new chapter? Start living a life full of more joy, freedom and meaning…


With much gratitude and love Yue ❤️xx

P.S. The work I created is below. Chinese Calligraphy. Title: ‘Heart Sutra’. Size: 35cm x 135cm. Chinese ink. Handmade paper.

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