Hello! My friend, what kind of summer are you experiencing? Is your summer hot there? Here, today’s rain gets the heatwave away, finally.

When you are relaxed and calm, the genuine emotion is revealed in the little traces…❤

Actually I was so enjoying the heat every moment, collecting the rays as much as I can, breathing the creative inspiration in the summer air…When my favourite ice cream slowly melts on the tip of my tongue, the little remaining complaint about the heat disappears in the sweet, leaving behind only the deliciousness and beautiful dreams of summer.

The heat makes people lazy, but sometimes somehow, in this busy world, in your busy life, giving yourself a bit ‘laziness’ is a good thing, isn’t it? In ‘laziness’, you become relaxed, you feel joy, you find true yourself …

Many of my works are from my ‘lazy’ sketches. Maybe lazy isn’t the right word, but you know what I mean. I like to doodle carelessly and without purpose. When you are relaxed and calm, the genuine emotion is revealed in the little traces, in the hint of a line…I like all kinds of pens, coloured pencils, oil sticks, carbon sticks…And portable watercolour, of course, Chinese brushes and ink as well. Sometimes when I am too involved, fingers will also be used…

In the photo, I am sketching using a Chinese brush and ink. If you have already looked through my website, you should find some of my paintings’ ideas come from this sketch.  

Hope you are enjoying some lazy moments of your summer! BTW, what are your favourite materials for sketching? Do you have your or other artists’ inspiration and tips for sketching to share?

With much gratitude and love Yue ❤️xx 

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