Are you ready for the new beginning to come? I can touch an amazing changing feeling in the air, and it is becoming closer and closer…Most of us have been through so many challenges in 2021…

Happy New Year 2022, my dear friend! I wish you a new year filled with dreams come true! ❤


It’s time to say goodbye to the wonderful unforgettable 2021 and my heart is full of gratitude!

It’s time to celebrate, to be proud of ourselves, as we are so strong, still here and smiling confidently!

It’s time to appreciate all the challenges which have encouraged us to shine our light even brighter. Let’s continue to shine our light in the New Year. When we shine our light, we illuminate the way for others!

It’s time to release the people and the things no longer service our energies. Let all our old habits and believes that hold us back from our dreams go bravely. Leave old me and us behind. Let’s embrace more spiritual wisdom, make more new friends, meanwhile, treasure the friendship and have more fun time with old friends!

It’s time to explore new creative ideas, to find more joy in our art and make more artwork that people appreciated!

It’s time to say thank you again for your continued support! It is my true blessing that to be appreciated, be cherished, and be loved by you all. I am ready for the NEW BEGINNING, the NEW EXPLORING, and the NEW CREATIVE LIFE, as I already feel it, 2022 will be an amazing year for me…Hope it for you too!

I wish you a new year filled with dreams come true!


With much gratitude and love Yue ❤ xx

P.S. The photo below: I was in the process of new works in 2021. I look forward to sharing them with you in 2022.

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