This painting carries so many unforgettable memories behind the scenes. It reminds me of the FRIENDSHIP. I feel so grateful for the wonderful friendship and the enjoyable company.

Wish your artist’s journey is filled with LOVE, PASSION and JOY! ❤


It is a blessing to meet the friends with similar interests, beliefs and kindness, as they will inspirit and encourage you to do what you love to do with their true heart. Who are you around right now? Are they supporting what you are doing? Can you get motivation from them?… It is important to rethink these and it is a good timing because the blank book of the New Year 2021 just started the first page.

As an artist, the SPIRITUAL CONNECTION is very important to help us move forward and keep balance on our journey. Make a commitment to yourself at the beginning of this year, leave the negative people behind you as they will waste your energy, lifetime and stop your SPIRITUAL GROWTH which is very essential for an artist. Meanwhile, open your mind to connect with people who understand you at the spiritual level, take down your boundaries and judgemental, make them as your friends, let them surround you in your real life or the internet life or both.

I believe it would make a massive CHANGE in your life this year and your artist’s journey would be filled with LOVE, PASSION and JOY!

Love from Yue ❤xx

P.S. The work I created is below. Chinese ink brush painting. Title: Union. Size: 97cm x 180cm. Chinese traditional ink. Chinese traditional water-based natural pigments. Handmade rice paper.

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