This is a triptych work. The title ‘Emptiness Is Form’ comes from the Heart Sutra. I used ink and brush strokes to express my understanding of this sutra at that moment.

‘Form is empty, emptiness is form…’ ❤


The Heart Sutra is one of the most profound, influential and highest-ranking Buddhist scriptures. The whole text is only 267 words long, but it contains deep philosophical thoughts and Buddhism wisdom. ‘Form is empty, emptiness is form…’ expounding on the nature of emptiness, that is, the nature of things in the universe with and without concrete images are all characterized by emptiness and changeability; nothing is eternal, and things are always in constant development and change.

The Heart Sutra enlightens us all to look at all things outside the body anew, to let go of our attachment to fame and fortune, glory and wealth, for in the end these are illusory and unreal illusions. If we let go of our attachment and give freedom to our mind, then our life will be more happy and healthy, the world will also become more peaceful.

Spring is coming…have you seen some flowers smiling to you in the corner? Change in the air…Have you already felt the power of taking action which the Year of the Tiger binging to you?

Have a fabulous weekend, my friend!

With much gratitude and love Yue ❤ xx

P.S. The painting below is the Triptych Work. Contemporary Chinese Ink Brush Abstract Painting. Title: Emptiness Is Form. Size: 50cm x 99cm. Chinese ink. Mixed media. Handmade paper.

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