I created this work after visiting Beijing Yuanming Yuan Park. It was a very hot Sunday in July, but I chose to go out, to paint, to be happy, then I had a perfect day.

You have the CHOICE every moment to be who you are, to be HAPPY! ❤️


Every moment, you have the choice to be who you are. Most people play safe and live in their comfort zone, doing the same thing, following the same routine every day. Actually they made a prison for themselves and even forget they have the key and every minute they can set themselves free. The prison’s ‘wall’ was built by the fear, the worries, and struggle that created by people’s mind, which is illusory about past and future.

Staying at the present, you always have the choice to make the change of your life or stay stuck where you are. Every day you have the choice to do things following your heart guided or do things other people tell you to do. What’s happening in the world, the global pandemic is reflecting the state of most of the people’s disappointment, stress, doubt…But, you have the power to control your own attitude, own action and own life. You can have a choice to stop all the negative thoughts right now. Just give up your today’s old plan, set yourself an hour to be free standing in the natural, just breathe, you will be relaxed and happy!

You always want to do some art work, just change your today’s busy routine, allow yourself to have an hour free to paint, put any colour on any paper. You have your own freedom when you were born, nobody can control it only you allowed them to do so.

Yes, it is the truth that you have the CHOICE every moment to be who you are, to be HAPPY!

With much gratitude and love Yue ❤️xx

P.S. The work I created is below. Chinese ink brush painting. Title: Here. Size: 96cmx89cm. Chinese l ink. Chinese traditional natural pigments. Handmade paper.

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