I created this painting in the countryside of Beijing. Chinese painting starts with a draft idea, and during the drawing, you can’t correct the mark you think was wrong. All you need to do is accepting it and continue flowing to the next mark, just like our life.

KEEP POSITIVE and pushing through. Your BREAKTHROUGH is coming! ❤


All my Chinese paintings were finished at one time, I’d like to call it breath. From the first point to the last point, breathing smoothly, the marks you made will be natural, too. Then the whole painting was completed in one breath…

I read many books before because I was keen to seek the answers to the questions inside of me. We can find sparks in the books, but if you want to keep them lighting, you have to put those words on a practical level to burn… Figure out what you love doing, if you want to be a monk, and then choose to practise it in your daily Buddhist activities in the temple. If you want to be a teacher, then choose to practise it in your teaching every day in the school. I am an artist, I feel immensely happy to practise it in my art every day in my studio.

You must prepare for that it is an up and down process, more like the Chinese painting practice I mentioned in the beginning, focusing on the breath and balance. This practice can turn any of your passion into something meaningful that light other people up.

Every moment KEEP POSITIVE and pushing through, your BREAKTHROUGH is coming!  

Love from Yue ❤xx

P.S. The work I created is below. Chinese ink brush painting. Title: Breakthrough. Size: 49cm x 180cm. Chinese traditional ink. Chinese natural pigments. Handmade paper.

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