Time flies and it is spring. It is me, a different me, standing by the lake. The lake is already full of all kinds of birds.

Being GRATEFUL will turn on your light, everything will work out magically! ❤️


Today’s sunshine is so warm and gives me the strength to ‘fly’ beside the birds, to ‘dance’ with the swans, and the squirrels are leaping about, which seem intent on inviting me to visit. The spring breeze carries me to all corners of the area to enjoy and explore. My heart is filled with gratitude for all that nature has given me at this moment, peace, happiness, and love… The moment ‘land’ back at the lake, I look down and a lovely little dog is looking at me quietly friendly as if she had been beside me for a long time. I think it must be the gratitude atmosphere that blends me with everything around me.

Through gratitude, life will turn to harmony. Because gratitude and negative energies cannot exist at the same time. The things you can be grateful for are everywhere in your life. Be grateful for the air, which you are still breathing. Be grateful for the sun, which gives you a warm embrace every day. Give gratitude for the moon and stars which guide you in the darkness. Even be grateful for those who have hurt you, as they taught you lessons to be stronger, the power of the pain pushed you in the direction you should go. Be sure to be grateful to those who have helped and enlightened you to become aware of the meaning of life. Most of all, looking at the mirror and be grateful for the person in front of you at present for being so positive to respond to what life has offered, so wise to see the reasons for everything, so brave to keep moving forward every single day to the true purpose of the life.

Being GRATEFUL will turn on your light, everything will work out magically!


With much gratitude and love Yue ❤️xx

P.S. The work I created is below. Chinese ink brush painting. Title: Gratitude. Size: 55cm x 100cm. Chinese l ink. Chinese pigments. Handmade paper.

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