This is my first monoprint work. So it has a special meaning for me.

Let’s start it right now. Let’s BECOMING who we are! ❤

This painting’s name was picked up the word ‘BECOMING’ of one of my poems. This is somehow what I want to express in this work, BECOMIGN FREELY HAPPILY…

To lift you up,
BECOMING the star
To light you up
shining in the deep blue sky

When we light others up, we are becoming to shine too. When we support others, we are becoming to grow too.

Becoming is not a word, it is action. It’s never too late to ‘becoming’. Let’s start it right now, Let’s BECOMING who we are!

This may sound like a slogan and you may say I must face reality, but the real reality is that life is so short and we definitely will all be left naked one day, yes,easy to forget,nothing can be taken with us, except our souls if you believe. You may say, when the time is right I will follow my dream, but can you really be sure that tomorrow will come? If you already know your dream very well, then the right time is now, not tomorrow. Don’t be pessimistic, just because the finite nature of life that makes honoring your heart and doing what you love so important. It does take courage to give up the things that are brutally draining your energy day in and day out, and it does take courage to put your passions where your soul calls.

Are you enjoying what you are doing? Can you remember the moment you decide to follow your heart? Or you may still struggle and keep asking yourself ‘to be or not to be’? It’s OK…We may be able to help each other when you share your feelings in the comments.

With much gratitude and love Yue ❤ xx

P.S. The painting below is Printmaking. Monoprint wok. Title: Becoming. Image Size: 33cm x 39cm. Heavy print paper.





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