‘The colours of the world, not what the naked eyes see…’  

I am living and working in the UK. If I have to stick a self-label, I am an artist, although I don’t actually have any label inside me.

My love and passion for art and design lead me to explore all the experiences of my life including becoming an artist. I was an architect & Interior designer. I graduated with a degree in Architecture and Interior design from Beijing City University in China. I went on to run my own design company in Beijing before I moved to the UK to study MBA at Northumbria University.

My passion for exploring the art field, my experience with international cross cultures, and my love of nature…Which have led me to a deep understanding of all things on earth and have been keeping me open, peaceful, equal, and happy to feel oneness in the universe.

My architect & Interior designer’s background has had a profound impact on my art and it has reinforced my concern for humanism and environment. So the consideration of space and time is naturally presented in my paintings and designs… Freedom, emptiness, peace, authenticity…are filled in abstract paintings of the colours and lines. Through my peaceful mind and pure movement, I create art to present a feeling of spiritual fulfillment and address a unique eternal expression of truth and beauty.


The completeness and absence, only a game of the mind…’  

I am fortunate to have spent over ten years to practice Chinese traditional calligraphy, seal cutting, and large ink brush paintings in handmade papers. I have been developing these processes into my own contemporary art practice. With my cultural characteristics, I naturally combine eastern ink and philosophy with western mix-media and language to show the unique charm of Chinese metaphysics, ‘all things are infinite and one produces all things.’

I create my artworks from the deepest part of my being and express this harmony by each mark that is burst forth from my soul or the dimension I cannot see but I can feel, emerging with the art media and flowing like music, like a poem in all directions. Black and white, beautiful and ugly, hidden and revealing, visionary and real, dancing in the peaceful energy and harmony balance and becoming aligned in oneness just like Chinese Tai Chi and Dao philosophy.

I am enjoying pushing my learning and expertise further and exploring different cultures. I continue to bring new techniques and materials to build my signature creative style of embracing disparate lines of Chinese and international art. I have been collecting and using natural pigments to mix with other art media. I learned several types of printmaking in London and focus on monoprint to process more artworks. My painting style has also evolved through the experimentation of painting colours on ceramics in the famous town Jing De Zhen China.

I hope the viewers can use their own imagination and uplift their spirits by appreciating my artworks. In this way, I am knitting them together on my journey of art, love, and nature.


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